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Automating your Home – Munster Blinds & Curtains

As the technology of our phones improves at an astronomical pace, sometimes it feels our homes are lagging behind. After all, most homes still use reliable pulley wires for blinds and manual closing of curtains. While this manual approach to our homes is undoubtedly reliable, it is hardly convenient. And at certain times, it can bring undue attention to a property. If you leave your property for a few days and leave the blinds open. It may mean thieves will be able to identify an empty house. Also, touching the delicate fabric of some curtains every day will introduce stains and will, over time, lead to colour fading.

While the perception remains that updating a home with innovative technology is a costly and complicated affair, the latest retrofitting technology makes the process straightforward. Munster Blinds & Curtains are a company that has helped hundreds of home make the switch to smart tech.

Munster Blinds & Curtains

Munster Blinds & Curtains is a Cork-based blinds and curtain manufacturer and fitter. Having been established back in 1993, the secret to our continued success and longevity is to do with our high level of customer service and the diversity of our products. The company continues to be at the forefront of blind and curtain technology. Our products can be integrated into smart technology, allowing homeowners to control their curtains and blinds through their phones. Munster Blinds & Curtains continues to offer our clients the latest in curtain and blind technology and the beautiful high-quality curtains and blinds their customers have come to expect.

Roman Blinds Automation

One of the most popular blinds to be integrated with smart technology is Roman blinds. Available in a vast range of styles, colours, designs and fabrics, Roman Blinds are perfect for any room within a house. Munster Blinds & Curtains experts can recommend the right colour and design to complement your interior design.

If you're interested in updating your home's blinds to incorporate smart automation or simply looking for one of Cork’s best range of blinds and curtains, please visit Munster Blinds and curtains today.

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